When I'm not building Web sites, I'm probably playing guitar. I've been playing since 1997 and have posted some of my recordings online.


Hop over to my YouTube channel for videos of myself playing various songs.

I try to post stuff a couple times a month, so make sure to click the "subscribe" button on my channel page. (This helps motivate me to post more videos, as it's nice to know how many people are interested in my music.)


As of June 24, 2010, I've released my first album, Best of YouTube, Vol. 1. It's got 23 tracks, all of which are high-quality versions of my YouTube fingerstyle guitar arrangements from throughout the years. Check it out!

Frequently asked questions

I get a lot of e-mail about my YouTube stuff, so I've put together a FAQ page.


Here are some MP3s of songs I've performed/recorded:


A song off of my 1999 album "Long Story" (not available to the public at this point). It's instrumental acoustic guitar, with Spanish guitar touches.

"Once Upon A Dream"

Acoustic version of the song from "Sleeping Beauty."

Gypsy jazz version of "Super Mario Bros. 2" theme

This is the theme from the first level of Mario 2, done in the acoustic-swing style of Django Reinhardt.

"Waltz #2 (XO)"

My solo-guitar arrangement of a great Elliott Smith tune.

Live in Chicago

I play gypsy-jazz with various bands in Chicago, including occasional rhythm guitar with Alfonso Ponticelli and Swing Gitan. Check out the upcoming gigs. The band is highly recommended, regardless of whether my dubious rhythm guitar playing is involved!

I also play frequently at the Edgewater Lounge with the Chico Malo Trio, on Sundays from 4-7 p.m. Plus, I play with a band tentatively named the Gipsy Trio (stay tuned for more info).

Guitar tabs of my arrangements

I get a ton of e-mail requesting tabs of my guitar arrangements. I've created a tab of "Here Comes the Bride" because it's particularly useful for playing at weddings. Get it here.