Announcing Soundslice Pitch Perfect

Written by Adrian Holovaty on July 15, 2013

Today at Soundslice, we launched Pitch Perfect, our new program for bringing you high-quality guitar tablature verified by the original artists.

Our first offering is Gonzalo Bergara’s 2008 album Porteña Soledad, with 10 fantastic gypsy-jazz tunes. A bunch of them have become modern-day standards ("Elena's Bossa," "Como Una Flor," "B-612.")

You can buy songs a la carte for $5, or the whole album for $25. When you buy, you get the high-quality transcription, verified by Gonzalo, in our beautiful interface that syncs the tab with the original recording. You can loop sections and slow it down without changing pitch, right in your browser (no downloads needed).

So you’re not just buying a static bunch of tab, you’re buying access to a really great learning experience. It's really awesome and people love it.

If you’ve been a Soundslice user for a while, you’ll notice some nice new interface details in Pitch Perfect transcriptions:

  • In place of a YouTube video, there’s a waveform display at the top. This helps you navigate the song at a glance.
  • Instead of two speed choices (half speed or full speed), you now have a sliding scale. Tons of people have asked for this, and we’re excited to be in a position to provide it! (For YouTube videos, we only offer half speed due to a YouTube limitation. We can get around that here because we’re dealing with the actual sound file, not a video.)
  • Looping is much more precise. For YouTube videos, looping has always been slightly imprecise due to the way seeking in YouTube videos works. With Pitch Perfect transcriptions, we don’t have that limitation.

Importantly, the artist (Gonzalo in this case) gets a majority of the revenue, so this is a great way for you to support musicians directly. Of course, you’re also helping support Soundslice, which remains a bootstrapped project run by just two people. :-)

Finally, if you are (or you know!) an artist who has a lot of musician fans and wants to sell their tabs, check out our Pitch Perfect page for artists, and get in touch with us.

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