Announcing my first proper album

Written by Adrian Holovaty on September 12, 2023

I’m very excited to announce my first proper album: Melodic Guitar Music.

It’s ten original guitar tunes, inspired by Django Reinhardt, The Beatles and Chet Atkins. I’d describe the style as “Django phrasing + Chet Atkins fingerpicking + 1960s pop sensibility.”

I’ve wanted to record an album for many, many years. I’ve been posting YouTube videos on-and-off since 2007, but generally the YouTube video format is very ephermal and not 100% satisfying to me. I wanted to create a more permanent thing, a more personal thing, dare I say a Work Of Art.

The great Arnoud van den Berg plays upright bass on it, and the whole thing was produced, mixed and mastered by Joshua Lee Turner. The excellent cover art was made by Roni Kaufman.

Check it out, and I hope it delights you.

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