Monday's lunchtime links

Written by Adrian Holovaty on August 12, 2002

CSS-discuss list archive -- One of my favorite mailing lists has now made available publicly a Web-based, searchable archive of every list posting ever. This is a Mecca for CSS tips. Got a CSS question or problem? Chances are somebody else has brought it up here.

Why Usability Matters -- Poynter's Monica Moses explains how we can "make news content look easier, more scannable, less a part of the numbing cacophony of the daily media barrage." Intended for print designers but applicable to the Web, too.

Everything I need to know about building Web pages I learned on pre-Kindergarten sites -- Small Initiatives has this friendly list of Web-building advice from a child's perspective. Remember: "There's something wrong if a user needs help from Mom or Dad."

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