Calling all Kansas City-area Web developers

Written by Adrian Holovaty on October 18, 2003

A bunch of Web developers/designers from the Lawrence, Kan., and Kansas City areas are meeting up this Monday evening to eat, drink and talk about Web stuff. We've got plenty of interesting people showing up, and the more the merrier, so if you're in the area and would like to join us, contact me for details.


Posted by Wilson on October 20, 2003, at 4:57 p.m.:

Only a bunch of web geeks would schedule a KC-area meetup during a Chiefs/Raiders Monday night game. And don't try and comfort me by acting like Milton's is going to have a big-screen. (insert cutesy sideways winking smiley here)

Posted by Adrian on October 20, 2003, at 5:01 p.m.:

Oh, there's a Chiefs game? And football is played on a Monday?

Posted by Wilson on October 20, 2003, at 5:49 p.m.:

Don't make me shake my head at you in a disapproving way.

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