Thursday's recommended reading

Written by Adrian Holovaty on October 24, 2002

Web design group 37signals has released "Sites that Don't Click," a 10-page analysis of how easy it is to buy products on 10 retail Web sites. The report's findings are just as applicable to news sites; it's important to make it easy to access stories -- directly, not indirectly (as previously discussed on

The latest Small Initiatives newsletter says, among other things:

Maybe it's time for a "new" news site -- something that doesn't look anything like all the other sites (which all look the same to me, their awards notwithstanding).

Evolt offers tips to spam-proof your Web site. My prefered method of spam-proofing e-mail addresses is to avoid displaying e-mail addresses entirely, or, if necessary, spell out e-mail addresses (e.g., "web [at the domain] holovaty [a dot] com"). Simon Willison's method -- shielding addresses behind Web forms -- seems to be effective, too.

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