Wednesday's recommended reading

Written by Adrian Holovaty on October 2, 2002

Nathan Ashby-Kuhlman is back from a blogging hiatus to bring us some thoughts on timestamps on news sites, including this great idea:

A clearer system would be to use both modification and creation dates -- both an "updated" time and a "posted" time, which would be closer to when the event occurred.

Principles of good GUI Design is geared toward desktop applications, but its lessons are quite applicable to the Web. (Link from InfoDesign)

Additional Lessons for Web Design from Mall and Retail Design concludes the three-part series I wrote about a few weeks back. The series compares Web design to the design of stores in the mall.

There were some great user comments in my entry yesterday about "previous" and "next" links on news sites.

New York Times as a Weblog was put together by everybody's favorite overly intelligent teenager, Aaron Swartz. It's generated from automated feeds. Reminds me of Nic Wolff's Filters.

Building accessible tables, a detailed yet straightforward tutorial, is outstanding. I learned a bunch of tips I can't wait to use.

The latest SearchDay newsletter sheds some more light on the technical aspects of Google News. I got a kick out of this sentence (emphasis added):

The vast diversity and typically cluttered design of most online news formats is more difficult to crawl and index than many other types of web sites.

If news sites used standards-compliant code and logical HTML structure, this wouldn't be an issue.

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