Thursday's recommended links

Written by Adrian Holovaty on September 12, 2002

In Alphabet soup: A web designer's journey to standards and accessibility, Randal Rust details his "near-religious experience" of learning the standards-based way of designing for the Web. If only more designers of news sites followed this journey. A memorable quote: "Accessibility means that users of any kind, using any device, should have access to the essential information that is contained on your web site." (Link from Simon Willison)

Search interfaces explores four different ways to present Web search bars: standard, surfacing, qualifying and passive. A pretty site, with lots of examples. (Link from InfoDesign)

Don't Hide Your Multimedia Content! is Steve Outing's latest Editor and Publisher column. It offers some good tips on how to promote audio and video online: most importantly, "let the Web user know what they will get if they click on multimedia links." I wholeheartedly agree; a single-word link to "Multimedia" or "Video" is downright useless.

Mark Irons' Patterns for Personal Web Sites has a wealth of great tips on making quality personal sites, but most advice here applies to any site. It's well-written, succinct and very non-linear -- a productive way to spend an hour or so.

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